VENRO Conference in Bonn (SDE)

A timely bound challenge was to shoot and edit at the international conference "Global Learning, Weltwärts and Beyond" by VENRO. More than one hundred participants from all over the world discussed about the concept of sustainable development. My task in that was to prepare a film, which then was to be shown at the end of the conference. The result can be seen again here:

For a download link please contact me.

To all the participants: thanks for cooperating with me the way you did and a safe way back home!

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  1. Husham M. Salim schreibt am 30.03.2009, 10.08 Uhr

    I thank you very much for this wonderfull film, in one short night! I wish you und all participants all the best.

  2. Bettina Schmidt schreibt am 30.03.2009, 12.38 Uhr

    Thank you for bringing together in one short film the life and work of our global network on Education for Sustainable Development.

  3. Jana Rosenboom schreibt am 30.03.2009, 12.54 Uhr

    Dear Konrad,

    I wanted to thank you on behalf of VENRO for this great film. We all loved it.

    Thanks for your work!


  4. Nestor Kamdem schreibt am 31.03.2009, 13.31 Uhr

    That is great.Congratulation.
    Thank you to the organizers.Promoting education and knowledge is our duty.

  5. Mulu Worku schreibt am 01.04.2009, 09.20 Uhr

    You did a great job within such short period of time. It shows the work culture of the Germans, which is one of the things, that we people from the south have to learn from. Thank you very much.

  6. Jodith Debesai schreibt am 02.04.2009, 17.10 Uhr

    You really managed to catch the spirit and motivation that was surrounding the conference. If I had not been a part of the conference, I would want to join after seeing this film.

  7. Bao Ngoc Cao schreibt am 22.04.2009, 00.16 Uhr

    Thank you very much! It was really a great film.

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