A very personal way of getting married… in Lich

When Fahim was a little boy, he used to climb up a special tree in his grandparents garden. A cherry tree. It used to have a swing… When his fiancee saw this place, she knew that this was the place of getting married for the two. Some days ago this dream became real. In Lich. And below you can find the photographic documentation of this very personal event. Who should be the one holding the ceremony? Alana is Christian. Fahim’s background is Islamic. Family is important to both of them. So Fahims 13 year of cousin became the „priest“ A part of his script can be found below.

It was a great honor to document this wedding. And very inspirational! Thank you Alana & Fahim for letting me be part of your event!

This streetlight made me remember where I knew Lich from ;-)

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